Firm History

Tichy Law Inc. prides itself on providing quality legal services to its clients. The firm practices in the area of Workers’ Compensation. It has a long history of helping injured workers navigate through the Workers’ Compensation legal system.

In February 1996, Ordas & Timmons, Inc. and Owen & Owen, Inc. merged to form Ordas, Timmons, Owen & Owen, Inc. In March 1999, we became Timmons, Owen & Owen Inc. (TOO). Daniel G. Tichy joined the firm in October 2007 and became a shareholder in January 2014. When Allan J. Owen retired in July 2013, TOO merged with Michael W. Jansen who became an officer and shareholder. In January 2014 our name officially changed to Timmons, Owen Jansen & Tichy, Inc. John Timmons suddenly passed away in August 2019. William J. Owen retired in March 2021 and Michael Jansen retired in January 2022. Daniel Tichy became Managing Shareholder and the firm continues its mission to help injured workers as Tichy Law Inc.

Michael W. Jansen

Michael W. Jansen​

Michael was a firm shareholder for several years and retired in February 2022. Since receiving his Juris Doctorate in 1978, attorney Michael W. Jansen practiced law in the Northern California area, from Bakersfield to Redding. After serving as a deputy public defender and deputy district attorney, he focused on representing victims of personal injury and business litigation.

William J. Owen

William J. Owen

William Owen was the managing partner from 2013 until he retired in March 2021. William J. Owen specialized in representing injured individuals in personal injury cases of all types. He previously practiced criminal defense for over 25 years. Mr. Owen’s memberships included the California State Bar, the Sacramento County Bar Association, and the Consumer Attorneys of California. In 1995, he received the President’s Award for service to the Sacramento County Bar.

Allan J. Owen

Allan J. Owen was the managing partner of the firm from 1996-2013 and remained an Attorney of counsel until he fully retired in 2016. Throughout his career, Mr. Owen represented victims of personal injury and insurance litigation. Mr. Owen was involved in 11 cases resulting in published Appellate decisions, including the case that tested the constitutionality of the Medical Malpractice Reform Act of 1976. He represented more than 1000 injured consumers in cases ranging from simple auto accidents to complex nationwide litigation involving the Swine Flu vaccinations and the 1978 PSA airplane crash.

John P. Timmons

We’d like to acknowledge the memory of our respected colleague, John P. Timmons, who passed away suddenly in August 2019. Timmons practiced workers’ compensation law for over 34 years, and he also served as Judge Pro Tem for the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board of the State of California. He will be greatly missed.