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If you’ve recently suffered a workplace injury in California, Tichy Law Inc. is here to help you understand your rights. Our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys will evaluate your case and make sure that you receive the benefits you are owed.

Understanding Workers’ Compensation Benefits in California

Like many states, California requires that employers carry insurance in case their employees suffer from work-related injuries. When an employee is injured on the job, they should be entitled to receive a specified number of workers’ compensation benefits, which are designed to support employees during their recovery. Depending on the circumstances of the accident that led to your injury, you may be entitled to pursue additional compensation. For instance, if your injury was caused by a defective or unsafe product, you may be able to push for additional compensation. When you meet with one of our knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorneys, we will go over the specifics of your case and help you determine the best course of action to secure you the benefits to which you are entitled.

Holding Insurance Companies Accountable

While many employers cooperate with their injured employees during the workers’ compensation claims process, some may attempt to brush off or discredit your attempts to secure workers’ compensation benefits. Sometimes, the large insurance companies deliberately try to make you confused and frustrated by the claims process, which ultimately saves them money. If you are struggling with an uncooperative or dismissive employer or insurance carrier, we are fully prepared to step in and handle all communications with them while you focus on your recovery. With decades of experience negotiating with these large corporate entities, we understand how to hold them accountable and ensure that you receive the benefits you are owed.

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In addition to helping you pursue and secure workers’ compensation benefits, our firm can help you in other ways. For instance, if you believe your employer has been discriminating against you or has been harassing you since you filed your claim, you may be able to recover other benefits or penalties directly from them. If the insurance company is late in making benefit payments to you, they may be liable for penalties as well. No matter what your circumstances may be, reach out to Tichy Law Inc. today for top-notch legal guidance.

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