Where Are the Reasonable Settlements?

Our law firm, Timmons, Owen, Jansen & Tichy, Inc., have been practicing personal injury and workers’ compensation law for over forty years and we have seen many changes over that time. Today, the small to medium size personal injury case has become very difficult to settle. Particularly, in the past five years, the insurance industry […]

The Uber-Lyft Issue

As Uber and Lyft ridesharing increases in our cities and society in general, the likelihood of accidents involving at least one shared-platform vehicle also increases. Uber and Lyft are called Transportation Network Companies and persons who seek transportation are “Riders.”  People who drive the automobiles are called “Drivers.”  The matching of Riders and Drivers is […]

Is the California Supreme Court in a Renaissance?

In the 1990’s and early 2000’s, the California Supreme Court came up with legal fictions such as “assumption of risk” to deny injured victims compensation in instances like a Super Bowl half-time touch football game, jet skiing, snow skiing, and golfing.  Surely these decisions saved insurance companies money, but it was the personal philosophy and […]

First Meeting With Your Attorney

What do you do when you are involved in an automobile accident that is not your fault and the insurance company for the person who hit you is calling? You need an attorney.  The insurance company for the guy who hit you is not calling to ask how much your check should be.  The insurance […]

Bicycle Rider Faces Lies, Incompetence, and Bias

  The 51-year old warehouse employee was riding his bicycle home from work on a sunlit summer afternoon when he was run over by a pickup truck that ran a red traffic light.  The 51 year-old worker was riding his trusty old Raleigh three-speed in a cross-walk on a green light, as he did five […]

There It Is Again: Well-Meaning Doctors Hurt Patients

There it is again: “12 year-old female seen in clinic today. …On freeway going 45-50 mph when struck from behind….No airbags deployed and no windows broken.   Pt (patient) felt her head thrown forward and backward bouncing off the headrest.”  The Emergency Department chart goes on to say patient felt headache, nausea, pain in neck, shoulders […]

Hardly Justice

Some personal injury attorneys foolishly advertise that any victim of a car accident should consult with them so they can send the injured motorist to the attorney’s doctors.  Our law firm does not have “our” doctors.  We do not practice law in that manner.  The following is one reason why. A case was tried in […]

A Conversation With Grandma

“I think your clients should pay better attention to what they are doing and they wouldn’t get hurt,” Grandma said in a fit of defense attribution.  This is not an uncommon attitude that plaintiff’s personal injury attorneys find everywhere, even in usually supportive grandmas. “Yes, yes,” I responded to her to engage her to listen […]

Be Prepared for the Deposition

Insurance defense attorneys always want to take the injured claimant’s deposition because that is when the defense attorney makes their money. The insurance defense attorney also tries to make the injured claimant look bad, often through no fault of the plaintiff. Insurance defense attorneys take classes on how to make the injured claimant look bad […]