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Author: Michael Jansen

Personal Injury

The Uber-Lyft Issue

As Uber and Lyft ridesharing increases in our cities and society in general, the likelihood of accidents involving at least one shared-platform vehicle also increases.

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Workers Compensation

Us vs. Them

As a Past-President of a local Chamber of Commerce, I often have heard employers say: “Employees want a paycheck but they don’t want to work.

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Hardly Justice

Some personal injury attorneys foolishly advertise that any victim of a car accident should consult with them so they can send the injured motorist to

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Binding Arbitration

What do real estate sales contracts, uninsured motorist policies, and credit card applications all have in common? Binding arbitration clauses. If a controversy arises, the

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Howell hurts injured victims!

The California Supreme Court put the fox in charge of the henhouse (Howell v. Hamilton Meats & Provisions, Inc. (2011) 52 Cal.4th 541) and patients

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Damages in a Car Crash

Have you ever sat at a red stop light, minding your business, when you saw headlights coming from behind at a high rate of speed? 

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