What You Should Know About Workers’ Compensation and Premises Liability

Workers’ comp and premises liability apply to different workplace circumstances.

You got injured on the job, and now you’re wondering: Should you file for workers’ comp, or do you have a premises liability claim on your hands? Before filling out workers’ comp paperwork or trying to find a premises liability lawyer, you should learn about both courses of action.

When to File for Workers’ Comp

If you were injured or got sick as a direct result of your job, then you will probably need to file for workers’ comp. Illness or injury can include one event that happened or an illness or injury that developed over time as a result of your job. For instance, you could file if a machine backfired on you and you suffered from burns, or if you were diagnosed with carpal tunnel for performing a repetitive action over and over.

When to File a Premises Liability Claim

If you file for workers’ comp, you can’t also file a premises liability claim against your employer for the same injury. A premises liability claim would only be valid if a third party was involved when you happened to get injured on the job. For example, perhaps you were running errands for your work at the post office, and you slipped and fell on some loose debris on the ground. You may have a valid lawsuit against the post office. In another example, you might have been running errands for your boss at the mall when you tripped over a broken sidewalk in a plaza, fell, and broke your wrist. You might be able to win a lawsuit against the property owner.

If you’re confused about whether your case qualifies for workers’ comp or would fall under premises liability, you should get in touch with a lawyer for guidance.

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