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Steps to Take When Filing for Workers Comp in California

Take these steps to increase your chances of getting workers’ comp following an injury on the job.

When you get injured on the job, there are certain steps you need to take to ensure your claim is going to go through and you receive the treatment you need. Before making any moves after an injury occurs, follow these steps.

Go to the Hospital

As soon as the injury happens, head to the hospital for immediate medical treatment. Get a full check-up including X-rays to make sure there was no internal damage. Do what the doctor says, including going to follow-up appointments with specialists and taking medication if it’s necessary.

Report Your Injury

Make sure you report your injury to your supervisor and get the report in writing. You also need to send in your workers’ comp claim within 30 days and get a copy. The form you will have to fill out is called DWC (Division of Workers’ Compensation) Form 1.

Wait for a Response

Within a few weeks, you should receive a response from your employer’s insurance company regarding the status of your claim.

What Happens If You Get Rejected?

Your claim could be rejected if your employer’s insurance company doesn’t think the injury was work-related or they believe you can return to work or you do not need medical treatment. You’ll be able to file a Declaration of Readiness to Proceed with the Worker’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) to appeal their decision. Another option is to reach out to a workers’ compensation attorney to help you.

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