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The good ole days in workers’ compensation have come and gone.  Parties are now required to go through the Panel Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME) process when they disagree with treating physicians.   Changes to QME laws have occurred as recently as 2013.  This QME process is often where we see prospective clients make mistakes and end up with a mess that cannot be cleaned up.  We recommend you request a free consultation with this office regarding your workers’ compensation matter before it is too late! Once you have representation by an attorney, the parties may be able to obtain an Agreed Medical Evaluator (AME).  While it takes time to obtain an… Read More »

Confirmation Bias

The retired Superior Court Judge explained to the opposing insurance defense attorneys and their claims representative that they needed to keep an open mind due to Confirmation Bias.  Confirmation Bias prevents people from hearing anything but what they expect to hear or what they already think.  Sometimes very wrong decisions are based on bad facts because of Confirmation Bias. The case involved a bicyclist run over in a crosswalk by a truck. Needless to say, truck vs. bicycle cases usually result in serious personal injuries on the part of the bicyclist.  The truck driver said that he was looking for traffic approaching on his left and he did not look… Read More »

Medical Treatment for Injured Workers

Workers’ Compensation law requires employers and their workers’ comp carriers to provide medical treatment to injured workers for their industrial injuries.  Workers’ comp law requires the doctors to request medical treatment on a Request For Authorization (RFA) form.   The doctors must use the RFA form in order to properly request medical treatment for the injured worker’s on the job injury.   If the RFA form is not used, the workers’ comp carrier has no obligation to authorize the medical treatment.  Injured workers should make sure their doctors are using the RFA form for all medical treatment requests for their industrial injuries. The doctors also must submit written reports with the RFA… Read More »