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The Value of Your Case

The value of personal injury cases is always subject to dispute.  Everyone has heard of the case where someone got millions and wasn’t hurt.   That just doesn’t happen.  A case is valued by both sides on many factors.  Who was fault, what are the injuries, what are the extent of the injuries – life long or just temporary, how old is the injured person, how much are the medical bills that were paid, how much is owing, what will the future hold by way of medical bills, what level was the pain and suffering, will there be pain and suffering in the future, was there wage loss, will there be… Read More »

Get Involved in Return to Work!

Both disabled workers and employers must act regarding return to work issues.  Frankly your hard earned money may be well spent to hire an employment law attorney and accommodation expert.  Additionally, talk to your Union about employment issues.  It could save your career.  Our office does not handle employment law matters but we pride ourselves on referring our clients to excellent attorneys in the specialty needed.  We also provide free consultations regarding workers’ compensation and personal injury matters. Injured workers must work with their doctors in obtaining appropriate and detailed job restrictions.  The doctor should provide these restrictions on a script or paper separate from the medical report. Sometimes a… Read More »

“Serious Personal Injuries, Only.”

Many attorneys advertise that unless you have a serious personal injury, you need not bother them. My attitude is that MY personal injuries are always serious.  And I treat my clients like I would like to be treated.  Therefore, your personal injuries are my serious personal injuries. Unfortunately, all insurance companies exist for one reason: profits.  Insurance companies cannot pay claims and make profits, so wherever they can avoid paying a claim, they will.  The garden-variety city streets crash that happens daily is the first place the insurance companies look to cut paying claims. So, you are rear-ended at a stop sign; or hit by a driver who didn’t see… Read More »