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Workers’ Compensation: Medical Treatment Denied!

Workers’ compensation patients are entitled to medical treatment for their on the job injuries according to the California State Constitution and Labor Code. But why are injured workers treated like second class citizens when it comes to getting medical treatment that their doctors recommend? Legislative changes in 2012 (SB 863) took away injured workers’ rights to have a say in their medical treatment for workers’ compensation injuries. Injured workers are 39 times more likely to be denied medical treatment for workers’ comp injuries than patients using group health plans. Appeals of the denials go to anonymous, non-examining, state-appointed medical panels (death panels?) who have final say on what treatment workers’… Read More »

Police Officer’s Opinions

In automobile accident cases, the investigating police officer often writes his opinion regarding the cause of the crash. That opinion is based upon the presentation of the parties and witnesses. Unfortunately, witnesses who do not speak English well or who have suffered serious injuries do not get an opportunity to present the truth of what happened. Additionally, most officers do not have the training and education necessary to form opinions as to speed from skid, perception-reaction time, and other scientific methods used to determine cause of accidents. Therefore, it is black letter law that the police officer’s opinions are not admissible in court. Nevertheless, a claimant’s demand uses the police… Read More »

Dont Settle Your Case Too Early!

Insurance companies often try to get an injured party to settle early before an attorney is on the case and before the injured party knows the extent of the injury. The insurance company will offer a minimal amount, say $500, and try to talk the injured party into accepting this as full and final payment within weeks of the accident. The insurance company will have the injured sign a release of all claims. It may be nice to have $500 and not have to pay an attorney but this practice has serious consequences. Usually the injured party after a few weeks has no idea of the extent of his or… Read More »