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Damages in a Car Crash

Have you ever sat at a red stop light, minding your business, when you saw headlights coming from behind at a high rate of speed?  Will the car stop in time?  Will it swerve and miss me?  Should I try to get out of the way, but possibly cause harm to somebody else? Before you can react, CRASH, you are hit. You are taken from the crash site by ambulance without seeing that the driver of the car that hit you was drunk.  Alcohol and/or pain killers and/or both, the driver of the other car did not see you stopped at the intersection and did not see the red stop… Read More »

“If you think you suffered emotional distress from the negligence of another, wait until the insurance company attorneys get done with you.”

People who suffer personal injuries not only get broken bones, bruises, sprains and strains, they also suffer emotional distress.  The emotional distress can come from the injury itself, but it also comes from the changed circumstances the person faces as a result of the personal injuries. Depression can set in due to the fact the injured person is not as active.  Emotional distress can also come as a result of the changes in social life the injured person experiences.  Activities such as skiing or golfing or simply walking, if curtailed, can have a dramatic effect on a person’s psyche, well-being and happiness. How does one get compensation for the depression… Read More »

Do I have a Workers’ Compensation Claim? Was I injured on the job?

DO I HAVE A WORKERS’ COMPENSATION CLAIM?  WAS I INJURED ON THE JOB? ARE JUMPING JACKS ENOUGH TO FIND INDUSTRIAL INJURY? Many workers have little or no experience with the workers’ compensation system.  They do not know what qualifies as a workers’ compensation injury.  In fact, many workers’ compensation claims are DENIED by the insurance company.  A denial is a very harsh reality for an injured worker and sometimes leads to that worker giving up on the claim.  Don’t give up on your claim as you may be eligible for medical care and disability payments! For example, the California Court of Appeals found a correctional officer’s injury while doing JUMPING… Read More »