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I was in an accident! What do I do now?

When you are involved in an accident, there are many things that race through your mind. The most important is the wellbeing of the persons involved. Make sure you and those in your car are okay. If not, get help immediately. If safe, make sure those in other vehicles are okay and get help for them if needed. Do not exit your vehicle if you are injured or it is not safe to do so. Call 911 and see if they will dispatch CHP or the police to come to the scene. If you are injured, have them send an ambulance. If possible, take pictures of the scene and the… Read More »

Howell hurts injured victims!

The California Supreme Court put the fox in charge of the henhouse (Howell v. Hamilton Meats & Provisions, Inc. (2011) 52 Cal.4th 541) and patients and medical providers are getting nervous. In Howell, the Supreme Court stated that it makes more sense (to them) to let health insurers determine the measure of damages in a personal injury action than the medical providers who charge the tort victims for medical treatment. In other words, if you are in automobile accident caused by the negligence of another, the better your health insurance is means you will recover less. Health care in the United States is big business. Naturally, insurance companies want to… Read More »

IMR Unconstitutional?

IMR Unconstitutional?   Workers’ compensation law has never really made sense. Is it workers’ comp, or is it employers’ protection?   Is workers’ comp law here for injured workers, to make sure injured workers get adequate medical treatment and fair compensation so they can recover, get back to work, and feed their families, or is it to guard the employers’ and insurance companies money and stockholder dividends?   Independent medical review is the classic example in workers’ compensation that proves that the system is rigged against injured workers.   At least for now. The Court of Appeal in Stevens will hear oral argument in September 2015 that the IMR system is unconstitutional. IMR… Read More »