Workers’ Compensation: Medical Treatment Denied!

Workers’ comp patients are entitled to medical treatment for their on the job injuries according to the California State Constitution and Labor Code.   But why are Injured Workers treated like second class citizens when it comes to getting medical treatment that their doctors recommend?

Legislative changes in 2012 (SB 863) took away Injured Workers’ rights to have a say in their medical treatment for workers’ compensation injuries.   Injured Workers are 39 times more likely to be denied medical treatment for workers’ comp injuries than patients using group health plans.  Appeals of the denials go to anonymous, non-examining, state appointed medical panels (death panels?) who have final say on what treatment workers’ compensation patients get, and Injured Workers are denied their constitutionally guaranteed right to court review.  Further, recent directives from the State have told Workers’ Compensation Judges that they cannot review timely denials of medical treatment by workers’ compensation insurance companies (see Dubon II).

At Timmons, Owen, Jansen & Tichy, Inc. we are committed to defending the rights of Injured Workers.  We need your help to reverse the unconstitutional injustice that is SB 863.  We need you to contact your state legislator to demand repeal of SB 863 so that Injured Workers can receive proper medical care for their workers’ compensation injuries.

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