How to Maximize Your Auto Accident Settlement in Sacramento County

To maximize your auto accident settlement in Sacramento County, collect proof, go to the hospital, and don’t accept the insurance company’s offer.

If you got injured in an auto accident, you may be wondering what kind of settlement you could receive. After all, now you have to pay for your medical bills, cover your lost wages, and deal with the pain and suffering you’re experiencing as a result of your injury.

Here’s some critical information on how to get the largest settlement possible in Sacramento County after your accident.

Gather Your Proof

As soon as you get into an accident, it’s crucial that you collect proof to show that it wasn’t your fault. This includes witness statements, photographs of your car and the defendant’s car, video footage from cameras that caught what happened, and police records. If you failed to collect any proof, don’t worry, because a personal injury attorney may be able to help you.

Go to the Hospital ASAP

Once you’re done gathering evidence, go to the hospital to treat your injury. Let the doctor know about the pain you are experiencing and get X-rays and other recommended tests done. Follow the treatment plan and be vigilant about doctor’s appointments and taking your medication, if necessary.

Don’t Settle with the Insurance Company

You’ll probably hear from the defendant’s insurance provider pretty soon after the accident. They may ask you detailed questions about the accident and offer you a very low settlement. Do not tell them any information; simply confirm the accident happened. You certainly don’t want to take their offer, either, because the settlement won’t be high enough. Instead, get in touch with a personal injury attorney right away to start your claim and get the settlement you deserve.

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