Employer’s Responsibilities Under California Workers Compensation Laws

Under workers’ comp laws in California, your employer needs to help you if you get injured on the job.

It is up to employers to have workers’ compensation insurance. This way, they can provide for their employees should they become injured or ill on the job. Here’s some more information.

What Are Employers Responsible For After You Get Injured?

Under California labor laws, employers must cover for all treatment that is “reasonably required to cure or relieve the injured worker from the effects of his or her injury.” In California, if you are injured, then you’re entitled to receive two-thirds of your pre-tax gross wage. The maximum weekly payment amount is $1,215.27.

When you get injured, you will need to fill out a claim form, and your employer’s insurance will pay for your treatment. Your employer cannot fire or punish you for getting injured; this is illegal. Instead, they need to do everything they can to help you with your claim.

Other Responsibilities Employers Must Uphold

In addition to providing you treatment when you get injured, your employer also needs to post a notice of compliance with workers’ compensation laws in visible places around your job site, offer immediate emergency treatment if you get injured on the job, complete a report of the injury and mail it in, and comply with further requests for additional information from the insurance company or the workers’ compensation board. If your employer is not following through with these laws, then you could potentially bring legal action against them.

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