Avoid These Common Mistakes After a California Auto Accident

Not seeking medical care or calling a personal injury lawyer are big mistakes you can make after a California auto accident.

After you get into an auto accident in California, you’re understandably frazzled and disoriented. However, you have to make sure to take the right steps, or else you might not get the compensation you deserve.

Here are some mistakes you should avoid after your accident to ensure you’ll have a chance of getting the highest settlement possible.

Failing to Collect Evidence

If you’re not seriously injured, then stay at the scene and collect evidence like photographs, video footage, and witness statements. Also, call the police and file a police record.

Not Going to the Hospital Right Away

It’s a huge mistake to wait to seek medical treatment — or to not seek it out at all. It’ll look like your injury isn’t that serious. Go to the hospital ASAP after your accident and follow your doctor’s treatment plan, too.

Talking to Insurance

The insurance company is going to try to get you to give a recorded statement after your accident. Their intention is to offer you the lowest settlement possible. Don’t give insurance any details about the incident and never tell them you’re injured. Get in touch with a personal injury lawyer instead.

Not Calling a Personal Injury Lawyer

Many people think they can represent themselves and get the settlement they deserve. The fact is, they don’t have experience dealing with insurance companies as a personal injury lawyer does. Plus, a personal injury lawyer won’t charge you a dime unless they win a settlement for you, so there is no risk when you hire one.

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